Matt’s Story

As many of you may or may not know, Matt has a Brain Tumor. He chose not to voice it as like many of us he is a proud young man who deals with his problems without having to tell the world. Like the fighter Matt is he dealt with the situation as much as he could, he continued to run his electrician business and raise Freddie his one year old son with his girlfriend Hollie who has stood by him through it all.

Matt’s Treatment

After a grueling 18 months with numerous hospitalisations due to Matt’s health declining, we were finally able to get a second opinion and change to a different consultant in Oxford. All of a sudden things started to happen, they ran test on Matt’s oxygen levels while he slept and found out that he wakes up 11 times and hour due to a lack of oxygen getting to his brain meaning he hasn’t had a good night sleep in over two years. He is now on a waiting list for an oxygen tank to help him sleep. Double vision, nonstop headaches and serve bouts of sickness are just some of the things he has to deal with on a day to day basis and I’ve never heard him moan or complain once! His new consultant offered him a biopsy, this is where they take a small part of the tumor for testing, he had the biopsy around a month ago and the results came back confirming the initial diagnosis. The biopsy took its toll on Matt and he currently cannot walk without support and struggles with the simple day to day things that we all take for granted. Matt is currently in hospital with a chest infection that nearly killed him because his immune system is currently so vulnerable.He’s now been offered radiotherapy but the risks that come with this are so high, as radiation would affect so much of his healthy brain tissue and there’s a strong chance it could make him severely worse.

Our Plan

We have started fund raising to get him a form of treatment they do not have in UK until 2017 called Proton brain therapy. There are clinics already in Prague or America that offer the treatment and  Kids ‘n’ Cancer (registered Charity Number 1138702) are helping us to find a way to get Matt the treatment.

We urgently need to raise £150,000. Many thanks for all your support in helping us give Matt a chance.